Nonsurgical therapy for the perforative defect of internal resorption

By Frank A, Weine F

Date: 01/1973
Journal: JADA


This paper suggests using the technique for pulpless divergent teeth be applied to internal resorptive defects.


-teeth were accessed, cleaned and shaped, and interim treatments of CAOH used for 4-6 week intervals.

-when a  dry canal obtained and any sinus tracts healed, the canals were obturated under pressure using cold lateral and sealer.


-3 case reports using treatment resulted in healing:

  • Case 1: Lateral incisor with resorptive defect and sinus tract of at least a year. CAOH used for 5 weeks and tooth obturated.  Healing at 1 year recall.
  • Case 2: Maxillary canine with apical resorptive defect and sinus tract. Resorption was of possible orthodontic origin.  CAOH placed and evaluated for 1 year.  Mineralization of defect occurred and tooth obturated.
  • Case 3 : Pulpotomy 4 years prior with crown placement. There was a palpable fluctuant swelling , periapical radiolucency mesial and resorptive defect distally.   Canals were cleaned and shaped, treated with 6 weeks of CAOH, and then obturated.  Clinical signs disappeared and internal resorptive defect noted mesially after obturation.  At 18 month recall tooth showed periapical healing.

Clinical Significance:

2-6 weeks of CAOH prior to obturation resulted in healing of teeth with suppuration and internal resorption.