A Retrospective Study Comparing Clinical Outcomes after Obturation with Resilon/Epiphany or Gutta-Percha/Kerr

By Cotton TP, Schindler WG, Schwartz SA, Watson WR, Hargreaves KM.

Date: 10/2008
Journal: JOE


•Purpose:   to compare radiographic and clinical outcomes of teeth obturated with either Resilon\Epiphany sealer or GP\Kerr Pulp Canal Sealer by using a single private practice site.

•N=  103 endodontically treated teeth (50 obturated with GP/Kerr sealer, 53 with Resilon/Epiphany)


  • Two groups: GP\Kerr Pulp Canal Sealer Vs Resilon \Epiphany.
  • The data were evaluated for all 103 teeth (entire population), regardless of recall time, and then for the subset of 83 teeth (12–25–month recall group) 
  • PAI was used for subjective radiographic assessment of all immediate postoperative and recall radiographs. oObturation material , age, gender, pulpal vitality, PAI , tooth type, number of appointments and recall time
  • The outcome assessment for this study was modeled after the Toronto studies  (healed and non-healed)

•Most highlighted Results: 

1.Overall healed rates for the entire population (78.6%) & (85.5%) in 12–25–month recall group. No difference between the 2 obturation materials.

2.GP\Kerr Pulp Canal Sealer or Resilon\Epiphany sealer, had no detectable difference in outcome as assessed by PAI radiographic scoring and clinical symptoms.

3.Univariate analysis indicated pulpal vitality, presence of a preoperative lesion, and length of recall times were statistically significant in affecting the outcome.

  • Teeth positive to vitality testing & absence of a preoperative lesion had a better outcome.
  • Longer recalls demonstrated greater healed outcomes.

4.Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed age, tooth position, and length of recall times were also statistically significant in affecting the outcome.

  • The probability of having a nonhealed outcome increased to about age 53 and then decreased
  • Healed more associated with anterior teeth compared with premolars and molars compared with premolars

Clinical significance: 

Root canal systems obturated with gutta-percha and Kerr Pulp Canal Sealer or Resilon and Epiphany sealer had statistically indistinguishable differences in clinical outcome.