Clinical Outcome of Teeth Treated Endodontically with a Nonstandardized Protocol and Root Filled with Resilon

By Conner DA, Caplan DJ, Teixeira FB, Trope M.

Date: 05/2007
Journal: JOE


Purpose:  to determine the healing rates of teeth treated endodontically with Resilon root filling observed radiographically over time.

on=  82 teeth with a primary RCT tx by 16 dentist 


  • Teeth were treated in a non-standardized protocol and filled with Reslion (35% synthetic polyester with 65% fillers).
  • Follow up radiographs after 1 year of tx.
  • PAI and clinical impression of healing CIH (healed, healing, or not healed; as evaluated by 3 examiners) were used to evaluate the clinical outcome.

Most highlighted Results: 

  • 90% of teeth that had healthy PAI (1-2) maintained the condition at follow up.
  • The healed and healing rate for the unhealthy teeth (PAI 3-5) was 73.3%.
  • The proportion of healthy or healing with the CIH evaluation was 89.4%.

Clinical significance:

healing rates for Resilon-filled teeth were within the range of success rates for studies with uniform treatment techniques with gutta-percha root filling.