Leakage Along Apical Root Fillings in Curved Root Canals. Part I: Effects of Apical Transportation on Seal of Root Fillings

By Wu M, Fan B, Wesselink P.

Date: 08/2001
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To evaluate transportation and its effect of leakage

N= 47 curved, single roots mandibular premolars, and 27 single, and straight mandibular premolars


•Access, WL measured 1 mm from apex, RG was taken with #15 file

•Canals were divided into 5 groups:

G1: hand filing/straight (step-back) 17 teeth,

G2: hand filing/curved (step-back)

G3: Lightspeed/ curved 23 teeth, 

G4,5:negative and positive control group

-Apical transportation index was measured (Fig 1).

-Teeth were obturated using lateral condensation (spreader 2mm from WL).

-Then GP was removed with gates to keep 3 mm for leakage study and packed

Most highlighted Results:

•Apical transportation in hand filing/curved (87%) ≥ 0.4mm, Light speed (19%)

•The hand filing/curved group leaked significantly more than the hand filing/straight and Lightspeed

•AT index was ⦤ 0.3 mm, only (3%) tooth showed leakage, and the AT index was > 0.3 mm, the leakage was 42%

Clinical significance:

•Apical transportation is a factor that negatively influences the apical seal when curved canals are obturated by lateral condensation of gutta-percha