Outcome of Root Canal Obturation by Warm Gutta-Percha versus Cold Lateral Condensation: A Meta-analysis

By Peng L, Ye L, Tan H, Zhou X

Date: 02/2008
Journal: JOE


  •Purpose:  to compare the outcome of root canal obturation by warm GP with that by CLC

•N=  10 articles met inclusion criteria


•Randomized controlled trials and controlled clinical trials comparing obturation by warm GP versus CLC conducted in humans were identified. •Inclusion criteria:

(a) teeth with irreversible pulp disease or chronic apical periodontitis;

(b) not received any RCT;

(c) outcome was evaluated by clinical symptoms /radiographic evidence.

Exclusion criteria:

(a) studies were not RCTs or preliminary quasi-RCTs;

(b) studies were carried out in vitro or on retreatment cases;

(c) studies with no comparison between warm GP and CLC filling techniques;

(d) no healing rate was presented;

(e) full text could not be located.

•All searches were conducted independently by at least two reviewers.

•Meta-analysis data summary for outcomes of root canal obturation using warm GP versus CLC in terms of postoperative pain prevalence, long-term outcome, obturation quality, and rate of overextension.

•Most highlighted Results: 

1.The prevalence of overextension in the warm GP group was significantly higher than that in the CLC.

2.The obturation quality, long-term outcome, and postoperative pain prevalence did not show statistical differences and were similar between these two groups. Table 2

Clinical significance:

A greater incidence of overextension is seen in the warm GP obturation than in the CLC.