Radiographic evaluation of extruded obturation materials

By Augsburger R, Peters D

Date: 05/1991
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to evaluated the sealer/gutta percha extruded overtime radiographically ,

N=92 extruded obturation materials


•Cases were instrumented with K hand files. Irrigated with 5.25% NaOCl. 15% filled with lateral compaction, 85%with vertical compaction, procosol sealer used in (23%), and Roth Elite 801 (77%) of the cases.

•Preoperative radiograph was evaluated for presence or absence of PA lesion.

•Obturation RG was evaluated by 2 examiner as +:<1 mm, ++:1-2 mm , +++:>2 mm extrusion.

•Follow up ranged from 4 months to 6 ½ Yr. Follow up RG was assessed for any change in Periradicular tissue.

Most highlighted Results:

•Preoperatively PA lesion was present in 58% of the cases

•96% of the cases showed signs of radiographic repair, rest were unchanged.

•Table  4,5

Clinical significance:

This study showed that most extruded material will disappear given enough time had passed. And healing is favorable