Outcome of One-visit and Two-visit Endodontic Treatment of Necrotic Teeth with Apical Periodontitis:A Randomized Controlled Trial with One-year Evaluation

By Penesis V, Fitzgerald P, Fayad M, Wenckus C, BeGole E, Johnson B.

Date: 01/2008
Journal: JOE


  • Compare radiographic evidence of periapical healing after root canal therapy completed in one visit or two visits with an interim calcium hydroxide/chlorhexidine paste dressing.


  • N= 97 patients w/radiographic evidence of apical periodontitis.
  • Patients were randomly assigned to either the one-visit or two-visit group, and root canal therapy was performed with a standardized protocol. Patients in the two-visit group received an intracanal dressing of calcium hydroxide/chlorhexidine paste.   Teeth were recalled at 1 yr and were evaluated with a PAI score.


  • 63 patients were recalled  at 1 yr.
  • 33 in the one-visit and  30 in the two-visit group.
  • Both groups exhibited equally favorable periapical healing at 12 months, with no statistically significant differences between groups.

Clinical Significance:

No difference was noted in healing between teeth treated in 1 visit or 2 visits in necrotic teeth at 12 months.