Outcomes of root canal treatment and restoration, implant-supported single crowns, fixed partial dentures, and extraction without replacement: a systematic review.

By Torabinejad M, Anderson P, Bader J, Brown LJ, Chen LH, Goodacre CJ, Kattadiyil MT, Kutsenko D, Lozada J, Patel R, Petersen F, Puterman I, White SN

Date: 01/2007
Journal: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry


Compare the outcomes, benefits, and harms of endodontic care and restoration compared to extraction and placement of ISCs, FPDs, or extraction without tooth replacement.


N=143 articles

Searches performed in MEDLINE, Cochrane, and EMBASE databases were enriched by hand searches, citation mining, and expert recommendation.


  • The studies varied considerably in design, success definition, assessment methods, operator type, and sample size.
  • Direct comparison of treatment types was extremely rare.
  • Success rates for ISCs were higher than for crowns on RCTx and FPDs, respectively
  • Success criteria differed greatly among treatment types, making direct comparison of success rates impossible.
  • Long-term survival rates for ISCs and RCTx were similar and superior to those for FPDs.
  • “Initial endodontic treatment has high long-term survival rate for periodontally sound teeth that have pulpal and/or periapicalpathosis.”

Clinical Significance:

Implants and RCTx both have high success rates compared to ext and FPD placement.