Perforation Repair Comparing Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Amalgam Using an Anaerobic Bacterial Leakage Model

By Nakata T, Baumgartner J

Date: 01/1998
Journal: JOE


Evaluate the ability of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and amalgam to seal furcal perforations in extracted human molars using an anaerobic bacterial leakage model.


N=42 extracted molars, removed occlusal surface and last 5mm of roots, perforations opened to size #80 file, randomly selected half for MTA and half for amalgam, tested to see the leakage  F. nucleatum


8 of 18 amalgam repairs leaked at 45 days

0 of 18 MTA repairs leaked at 45 days

Clinical Significance:

MTA may be a better material than amalgam at sealing perforations possibly due to its hydrophilic properties along with its similar mineral composition to dentin