Perforation Repair Comparing Two types of MTA

By Ferris D, Baumgartner J

Date: 01/2004
Journal: JOE


To compare the sealing abilities of gray and off-white MTA  in furcal perforations on extracted teeth using anaerobic bacterial leakage model


N=40 extracted molars

Occlusal Surface removed, apical 5mm removed, perforation made and enlarged to #80, randomly selected 18 for each group-1 group repaired with off white and the other with gray MTA, 2 perforated and not repaired, 2 not perforated


2 out of 17 of gray MTA leaked

3 out of 18 of white MTA Leaked

Clinical Significance:

No statistical difference between white  and gray MTA in repairing furcal perforations