Periapical Healing of Mandibular Molars After Root-End Sealing with Dentine-Bonded Composite

By Rud J, Rud V, Munksgaard EC

Date: 01/2001
Journal: IEJ


To present frequency of periapical healing in mandibular molars after root end resections sealed with dentin bonded resin composite.


N=639 mandibular molars, treated over sept 1984-march 1997 due to apical periodontitis.

-teeth underwent apicoectomies, and retrofills with gluma and retroplast.

-success criteria by Rud et al.

complete healing: complete PDL regeneration.

uncertain healing: decrease lesion size or lesion size unchanged <4 yrs.

failure: unchanged lesion size >4yrs or increase in size.

-recall ranged 6 mo-12.5yrs.


-92% complete healing, 1 % uncertain healing, 7% failure.

-no significant differences between first, second, third mandibular molars or mandibular first molar mesial/distal root

successes (P> .05).

-of 25 failed teeth that underwent re-surgery, saw 80% complete healing.

Clinical Significance:

Root end sealing of mandibular molars with dentin bonded resin composite retrofill is a promising technique.