Prevalence of persistent pain after endodontic treatment and factors affecting its occurrence in cases with complete radiographic healing.

By Polycarpou, Y., Canavan D., Gulabivala K.

Date: 01/2005
Journal: IEJ


This article was a retrospective study of 175 patients/teeth with apparent successful endodontic therapy and persistent pain.


Patients files were reviewed 12-59 months post treatment to identify risk factors.


Treatment success defined as absence of clinical and radiographic signs of dental disease.

Prevalence of pain was 12% (21/175).

Significant factors associated with pain:

  • Duration of pre-operative pain
  • Pre-operative pain from tooth (greater than 3 months)
  • Pre-operative tenderness to percussion
  • Previous chronic pain
  • History of painful treatment to orofacial region
  • Female gender
  • Type of treatment received less important (NSRCT vs. SRCT)

Clinical Significance:

Identifies possible risk factors of patients who may experience PO pain. Even if therapy deemed successful.