Reaction of the Lateral Periodontium of Dogs’ Teeth to Contaminated and Noncontaminated Perforations Filled with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

By Holland R, Ferrieia L, Souza V, Filho J, Murata S, Dezan E

Date: 01/2007
Journal: JOE


Compare perforation healing with MTA placed immediately vs. 7 days after perforation vs. CaOH for 2 weeks and then repaired


N= 15 premolars in 2 dogs

Instrumented and filled with gutta percha using lateral condensation, went back in and made a lateral perforation

1st group was immediately repairwith MTA, 2nd group was left open for 7 days-then cleaned and filled with MTA, 3rd was the same as the 2nd but CaOH placed for 2 weeks and then repaired with MTA, animals sacrificed after 90 days


1.Immediate repairs healed the best-significantly better cementum formation

2.Placement of CaOH in contaminated perforation didn’t improve results when compared with contaminated without CaOH

Clinical Significance:

Best healing occurred when perforation was repaired immediately with MTA