Recall Evaluation of Iatrogenic Root Perforations Repaired With Amalgam and Gutta-Percha

By Benenati F, Roane J, Biggs J, Simon J

Date: 01/1986
Journal: JOE


Examine factors affecting healing of root perforations with amalgam or gutta percha (GP).


-57 cases of iatrogenic root perforations obtained from student clinics at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry.

-Perforations repaired with amalgam (24) or GP (33).

-5 failing cases were treated surgically.

– recalls at 3 months – 6 years


-GP had 57.6% failure, 73% of all failures.

-Amalgam had a 26% failure rate.

-70% of all failures involved extrusions, and 83% of this were GP repairs.

-Success was greater than failure even when repair delayed up to 60 days.

-Amalgam was superior to GP.

-Repairs with extruded GP most likely to fail.

-All surgical cases showed healing after treatment

Clinical Significance:

Amalgam is better than GP WVC (due to extrusion as a cause of failure.)  A delay in repair did not affect outcome.  Surgical repair appears to be highly successful.