Relationship of Periapical Lesion Radiologic Size, Apical Resection, and Retrograde Filling with the Prognosis of Periapical Surgery

By Peñarrocha M, Martí E, García B, Gay C

Date: 01/2007
Journal: JOMS


To relate radiologic size of preoperative periapical lesion, length of apical resection, and length of retrofill to middle and long term success of apicoectomy.


N=384 roots, 333 teeth, 235 patients.

-patients subjected to ultrasound instrumentation and retrofill with amalgam.

-periapical lesion sizes, amount of apical resection, and amount of retrofill measured via radiographs pre and postop.

-minimum follow up of 12 months.


-success of 73.9% after 1 yr.

-mean periapical area preop was 37mm^2 (diameter minimum 5-7.4mm maximum).

-mean apical resection 6.48mm^2.

-mean area of retrofill 3.05mm^2.

-positive correlation noted between dimensions of lesion and apical resection with treatment failure.

Clinical Significance:

Prognosis of periapical surgery may improve with smaller preoperative periapical lesion size and smaller amounts of apical resection.