Repair of root perforations using mineral trioxide aggregate: a long-term study

By Main C, Mirzayan N, Shabahang S, Torabinejad M.

Date: 01/2004
Journal: JOE


  • Evaluate the success rate of root perforation repairs using MTA.


  • N= 16 cases.
  • All patients who were treated for root perforation at Loma Linda were evaluated. Cases had pre and post – treatment and at least 1 yr recall radiographs. Recall radiographs were double-blind evaluated by 3 examiners for the presence or absence of pathological changes adjacent to the perforation site. Teeth were also evaluated clinically.


  • All 16 cases demonstrated normal tissue architecture adjacent to the repair site at the recall visit.
  • Teeth with existing lesions showed resolution of the lesion, and teeth without preoperative lesions continued to demonstrate absence of lesion formation at the follow-up visit.

Clinical Significance:

MTA provides an effective seal of root perforations and shows promise in improving the prognosis of perforated teeth that would otherwise be compromised.