A New Technique for Nonsurgical Retreatment of Teeth with Amalgam Root End Fillings: Case Series

By Pannkuk T

Date: 11/2012
Journal: JOE

Purpose: to suggests a new approach to treating roots having retrograde amalgams by nonsurgically removing the apical fillings.


•Case selection is important

•Access line should be oriented in a direct line down the long axis of the root

•Remove coronal GP with GG and remaining apical part with solvent and PP •Apical amalgam must be visualized

•Long, narrow US tip used to remove labial part completely

•Irrigate with NaOCl until patency achieved then change to less irritating solution (CHX or EDTA)

•Use H-file, bypass remaining part and engage it then pull it coronally •Irrigate with CHX then place Ca(OH)2 with thick consistency for 1 month •After follow up and absence of S&S, obturate with MTA


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