Nonsurgically retreated root filled teeth–radiographic findings after 20-27 years

By Fristad I, Molven O, Halse A. 

Date: 08/2004
Journal: JOE


Purpose:  To identify periapical changes in non-surgically retreated root filled teeth 20-27 years after root canal treatment.

N= 112 roots in 70 patients


•112 roots from 70 individuals could be evaluated radiographically 20-27 yrs after retreatment.

•The same roots had been studied  previously at 10-17 years follow up.

•The periapical condition was analyzed and compared by 3 observers in 2 series of radiographs taken at 10-17 yr and 20-27 years follow up.

•Lost teeth during the follow up period were analyzed retrospectively for the reasons of extraction.

Most highlighted Results: 

The success rate (roots with no PA) recorded at 10-17 yrs follow up was 85.7%. and it increased at 20-27 yrs follow up to 95.5%.

Favorable outcomes were observed in 11 roots that had PA at 10-17 yrs follow-up. 8 of them had PA preoperatively. 5 of them were with overfilled root filling material.

Delayed healing as a result of root overfilled with filling material explained most of the favorable outcomes observed many years after treatment.

28 roots were extracted during the observation period, endodontic seems to represent a minor reason for the extraction.

Clinical significance: 

Persistent asymptomatic PA lesions may heal after an extended observation periods, specially in cases of overfilling.