Outcome of orthograde retreatment after failed apicoectomy: use of a mineral trioxide aggregate apical plug.

By Mente J, Leo M, Michel A, Gehrig H, Saure D, Pfefferle T

Date: 07/2016
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To evaluate treatment outcomes of a nonsurgical treatment approach after failed apicoectomy.


•N= 25 Teeth that had received primary root canal treatment and subsequent apicoectomy elsewhere before the patients presented with post-treatment disease. •Orthograde retreatment and obturation using an apical MTA plug was performed between 2004 and 2012.

•Pre-, intra-, and postoperative information and the potential effect on the retreatment outcome were evaluated

•In cases with in-conclusive information CBCT was used.

Most highlighted Results: 

•Recall rate = 92% •follow-up periods ranged from 12 to 102 months

•(87%) were classified as ‘‘success,’’ and (17%) considered ‘failure.’’

•success rates were higher for single-rooted teeth. (Sig.)

Clinical significance:

– Orthograde retreatment combined with orthograde placement of an apical MTA plug is a promising long-term treatment option for teeth with postsurgical pathosis