Post removal prior to retreatment

By Machtou P, Sarfati P, Cohen AG

Date: 09/1989
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to present one clinical case illustrating the effectiveness of the Gonon post removing system.

Clinical Procedure:

•The post and the tooth are separated by pitting the tooth against the post and creating enough force to overcome the bond •Steps:

1.The first step is to free the head of the post from the coronal tooth structure. All restorations including crowns must be removed.

2.An ultrasonic device can be used to vibrate the post and disintegrate the cement.

3.In order to facilitate the centering of the trephine (Fig.3), a special bur included in the Gonon kit is used to taper the protruding head of the post.

4.The high strength trephine is used to bore and gauge the protruding post to the exact size of a corresponding mandrel which is specially manufactured to thread the post (Fig. 4).

5.Before the mandrel is screwed onto the post, three rings are positioned onto its shank (Fig. 5). This acts to cushion the mandrel and to spread the forces onto the root surface as the post is being extracted.

6.The extracting pliers are fixed on the mandrel (Figs. 6 and 7) and the jaws of the pliers are expanded by tightening the knurled knob. This procedure will separate the post from the tooth quickly and safely (Figs. 8 and 9) facilitating endodontic retreatment (Fig. 10).

Clinical significance:

  the Gonon post remover may be used safely and efficiently. It is extremely adaptable to anteriors and bicuspids. In molar areas where the intermaxillary distance is limited, post removal may be accomplished without the use of the pliers.