Removal of Overextended Gutta-percha Root Canal Fillings in Endodontic Failure Cases

By Metzger Z, Ben-Amar A.

Date: 06/1996
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to present a procedure by which overextended root canal fillings may predictably be removed.

n:  18 teeth with root canal failure


•Round bur size 3-4 were used to remove 2-3 mm of the coronal part of the GP and the space created was filled by xylene after that #20 file was negotiated with light apical pressure in back and forth movement and wetted with xylene after each insertion to soften the GP. Xylene was aspirated and 3.5% of NaOCL was flooded in the canal to change the consistency of the GP to a particulate matter then H file #30-35 was negotiated 2-3 mm in a CW manner. Radiographs were taken to ensure the canal walls were free from GP and a new H file #30-35 was negotiated inside the canals, without touching the canal walls, apically to 0.5-1 mm beyond the apex. The file was slowly withdrawn without rotational movement, if the file lost the grip a larger H file was used.

Most highlighted Results:

  •The overextended root canal fillings were successfully removed in 17 of the 18 cases.

•Clinical significance: 

Maintaining the apical part of the gutta-percha in its original consistency is the key for success in this procedure because it allows the H file to firmly engage this segment and remove it as a unit.