Selective Root Retreatment: A Novel Approach

By Nudera W

Date: 02/2019
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to introduce the approach of selective root retreatment .

Case report:

•57 y/o woman, has well-localized pain of 2 weeks’ duration, #18 painful on percussion, palpation and biting.

•Periapical RG shows missed DL root, confirmed with CBCT.  After presenting all options, patient opted selective retreatment.


•After profound anesthesia, under RD isolation, location of access was guided by measuring CBCT and transferring it to the crown. Then root canal treatment was done after WL measurement, C/S to 06/25 (vortex). irrigation protocol consisting .

•Obturation with continuous wave condensation.

•After 12 months, tooth is symptom free, no pain on percussion or palpation , periapical RG and CBCT showed complete healing.