The Outcome of Endodontic Retreatment: A 2-yr Follow-up

By Gorni FG, Gagliani MM.

Date: 11/2004
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to classify the different clinical situations encountered in retreatment cases and relate them to the outcome after an observation period of 24 months.


 n: 425. Patients were included if clinical S&S were present or PARL.


1- Root canal morphology respected RCMR: Calcifications, apical stop, broken instrument, and underfilled. 

2- Root canal morphology altered RCMA:

Internal or external transpiration,  perforation, stripping, and internal resorption.

-Instrumentation using crown down tech with rotary NiTi files. Obturation using WVC with GP cones and ZnO sealer.

-Crowns and post if needed were placed after 30 of Retx.

-The recall rate was 94%

-Pre and post operative radiographs were taken and teeth with PARL larger than 5 mm were not included.

-Postoperative classification of healing was: Healed, incomplete healing, and failure. Succes is defined by the sum of healed and incompletely healed cases.


-92% success in RCMR group with no PAL; 84% success in RCMR group with PAL.

-85% success in RCMA group with no PAL; 40% success in RCMA group with PAL.

-Overall success was 83.3% for the RCMR group and 49% for the RCMA group.

-Results are shown in Table.1,2.


-Respecting the root canal morphology is associated with a higher success than altered root canal morphology.