The perceived prognosis of endodontic treatment and implant therapy among dental practitioners.

By Stockhausen R, Aseltine R Jr, Matthews JG, Kaufman B.


Purpose:  To evaluate dentists’ perceptions of endodontic and implant treatment, to review their current and projected utilization, and to assess the sources of information upon which these opinions are based. •N= 306 dentists


A 16-question survey was developed and distributed to a 648 dentists who graduated from the University of Connecticut

Dental School over the past 30 years.

Most highlighted Results: 

•55% of the respondents did not know that different criteria are used in the literature to evaluate implant and root canal treatment.

•45% of respondents thought RCT of teeth with vital pulp is superior to implant, 30% thought RCT of teeth with necrotic pulp was superior to implants, and only 16% thought retreatment was preferable.

Clinical significance:

educational effort should be targeted to increase the awareness  of the endodontic prognosis and the differences in criteria for success in implant and root canal treatment.