Retrospective cross sectional comparison of initial nonsurgical endodontic treatment and single-tooth implants.

By Doyle SL, Hodges JS, Pesun IJ, Law AS, Bowles WR

Date: 01/2007
Journal: JOE


  • Compare implant restorations and NSRCT teeth in patients for four possible outcomes- success, survival, survival with subsequent treatment intervention and failure.


  • N= 196 implant restorations and 196 matched initial NSRCT teeth.
  • Data obtained from University of Minnesota (1993-2002). Treatment carried out by dental students, graduate residents, or staff clinicians. 1 year recall.


  • Outcomes were as follows for implants and NSRCT outcomes, respectively:
  1. Success 73.5% and 82.1%;
  2. Survival with no intervention 2.6% and 8.2%
  3. Survival with intervention 17.9% and 3.6%
  4. Failure 6.1% and 6.1%
  • Location of the restoration in the mouth did not affect outcome.

Clinical Significance:

This study suggests that restored endodontically treated teeth and single-tooth implant restorations have similar failure rates.