Review of the current status of tooth whitening with the walking bleach technique

By Attin, T., Paque, F., Ajam, F., and Lennon, A.MIEJ

Date: 01/2003
Journal: IEJ


-gutta percha, blood products, tetracycline, and necrotic pulp products can cause coronal discoloration.

-walking bleach technique can be used for whitening of discolored RCT teeth.

-typically, a paste of sodium perborate and distilled H20 is applied in pulp chamber for some time.

-heating of mixture is contraindicated as risk of external cervical resorption (by 3.9%) and radical formation is increased.

-intracoronal dressing of 30% H202 should not be used, to decrease resorption risk.

-denaturation of collagen is shown to be mechanism of bleaching agents.

-no increase in brittleness of dentin noted with sodium perborate w/ H202, but decreased tensile and shear strength.

-sealing 1-2mm below of CEJ area with composite or adhesive is advised to help prevent resorption.

-oftentimes bleach in 3-4 day cycles as needed.