A 5 Yr Clinical Investigation of Second Mesiobuccal Canals in Endodontically Treated and Retreated Maxillary Molars

By Wolcott J, Isbley D, Kennedy W, Johnson S,, Minnich S, and Meyers J,

Date: 05/2005
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to propose further investigation, with the same criteria, the incidence of MB2 canals in maxillary molars in 3-yr period with result successively treating and retreating these teeth

N=  Total of 5616  Max molars (1st & 2nd ) treated for over 5 years

Material & Methods:

•Mb2: Canal had to be negotiated to full WL or within 5 mm from apex

Most highlighted Results: 

  • 1st Molar 58% (NSRCT). 66% (Retreatment) had MB 2.
  • 2nd Molar 34% (NSRCT), 40% (Retreatment) had MB2

Clinical significance:

The significant difference in the incidence of a MB2 canal between initial treatments and retreatments suggests that failure to find and treat existing MB2 canals will decrease the long-term prognosis .