A new system for classifying accessory canal morphology. 

By Ahmed HMA, Neelakantan P, Dummer PMH.

Date: 02/2018
Journal: Int Endod J


Purpose: to introduce a new system for classifying tooth, root and canal anomalies for use in research, clinical practice and training.

Most highlighted Results: 

•The new system does not reclassify anomalies already reported in the literature but rather aims to provide more comprehensive information on the morphological features of a specific tooth, root and canal within a single code.

Clinical significance:

It provides more detailed information on the morphological features of teeth essential for proper diagnoses and treatment as well as training and research.

New classification for anomalies in single-, double- and multirooted teeth

Root fusion (RF) in three-rooted teeth is an exception from the above in which all types should be written before the tooth number (TN).