Anatomical Study of the Root Apex in the Maxillary Anterior Teeth

By Mizutani T,Ohno N, Nakamuta H.

Date: 03/1992
Journal: JOE



 To investigate anatomical land mark of apical area related to maxillary anterior teeth

N= (30 Max central incisors,30 Max lateral incisors, 30 Max cuspids)


•The root of the tooth cut perpendicularly at the neck, then sequentially  ground apex in steps of 50 μm, after that stained with 0.1% violet solution •Then observed under a stereomicroscope and photographed •

Most highlighted Results:

•The root apex and apical foramen at the central incisors and the cuspids were displaced distolabially; while lateral incisors were displaced distolingually.

•16.7% coincidence between root apex and apical foramen in central incisors and cuspids, while 6.7% of lateral incisors.

•The apical foramen center: displaced mesiolabially in  central incisors and the cuspids , and distolingually in lateral incisors.

•The rest of parameters measured were in the tables •

Clinical significance: 

Knowledge about root canal anatomy & morphology is essential to avoid mishaps