Canal Configuration in the Mesiobuccal Root of the Maxillary First Molar and Its Endodontic Significance

By Weine FS, Healey HJ, Gerstein H, Evanson L

Date: 11/2012
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to determine MB root canal configuration and incidence of MB2  in maxillary 1st molar.

N=208 extracted maxillary 1st molars.


•from the mesial side of the tooth, teeth were sectioned in buccolingual direction using coarse sandpaper disk.

•Then they were viewed and classified.

Most highlighted Results:

•3 canals configuration were observed: 

Type I: single canal/single foramen.(48.5%).

Type II: 2 canals/ 1 foramen, joining 1-4 mm from apex.(37.5%).

Type III: 2 canals/2 foramina.(14%).

Type IV: 1 canal / 2 foramina •

Clinical significance:

•Established simple classification system (aid in communication).