Clinical investigation of In vivo Endodontically treated mandibular anterior teeth

By Bellizzi R, Hartwell G.

Date: 03/1983
Journal: JOE


•Purpose: to determine the relationship between in vitro studies dealing with the root canal system of mandibular central and lateral incisors and canines and their comparison to endodontically clinically treated teeth.

•N= 612 clinically treated mandibular anterior teeth (254 centrals, 163 laterals, 195 canines) 


•A total of 612 clinically treated mandibular anterior teeth (254 central, 163 lateral, 195 canine) were reviewed by both authors using clinical records covering a span of 10 y.

•The final radiographic films of teeth with multiple canal systems were mounted and evaluated with the utilization of clinical records.

•Frequencies of teeth with single canal and two canals were recorded for each tooth type.

Most highlighted Results: 

• 16.9% of central incisors, 20.2 % of lateral incisors and 4.1% of canines contained 2 canals.

• The frequency of two canals in mandibular central and lateral incisors was comparable with in vitro studies.

• compared to previous in vitro studies, a lower percentage of canines with 2 canals was observed

Clinical significance:

more attention should be paid in access preparation to facilitate location, cleaning and shaping of the entire root canal system.