Dilacerations of permanent upper lateral incisors: Frequency, direction, and endodontic treatment implication

By Chohayeb A.A

Date: 06/1983
Journal: International Journal of oral surgery



First part was to determine the frequency and direction of dilaceration of permanent upper lateral incisors.

•Second part:  cases in which endodontic treatment had failed were examined to evaluate  whether this failure is related to  missing the true direction of the root.

•N= 480 extracted permanent upper lateral incisors collected from different countries in first part.


•In first part: visual  inspection of 480 extracted upper lateral incisors teeth. • In second part: 48 teeth were selected from the original sample, and its randomly ,and x-rays was used in different angles

•In third part: 442 endodontically treated permanent upper lateral incisors expose to x-ray in different angles to view dilacerations.

Most highlighted Results: 

1.The most common dilacerations is distolabial (52.1%) of cases

2.The least frequent was mesial dilacerations (2.1%) of cases

Clinical significance:

the results of this study can explain the higher incidence of failure in endodontically treated single rooted teeth, as compared to the failure rate in multirooted teeth