Mesiodistal and buccolingual roentgenographic investigation of 7,275 root canals

By Pineda F, Kuttler Y.


  •Purpose: to determine normal root canal anatomy and its variations.

•N= 4,183 teeth , 6219 roots , 7275 root canals.


•Teeth were classified according to age to 3 groups : up to 25, 35-45, over 55 years.

•Roentgenographs were taken from BL and MD direction with the cone placed 4 cm from the film.

•For multirooted teeth, roots were separated before taking roentgenograph •Viewed on negatoscope with the aid of magnifying glasses.

Most highlighted Results: 

•96.9% of the cases canals were curved, 85% of them were in the apical third.

•Foramen was at and offset in 83% of the cases.

•BL diameter is often larger than MD diameter in apical 3rd of the canal . •The % of ramification in premolars were from 40-50% with the maxillary 2nd being the highest and the maxillary 1st was the lowest.

Clinical significance:.

Use of RG, with the added dimension explained some of the unusual  paths of the canals.