Morphometric study of the apical anatomy of C-shaped root canal systems in mandibular second molars

By Cheung GS, Yang J & Fan B

Date: 04/2007
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To examine the 5mm of apical anatomy of C-shaped canal systems in mand 2nd molars by micro-computerized tomography (lCT) and stereomicroscopy

N= 44 permanent mand 2nd molars w/C-shaped root canal , 22 mand right and 22 left 2nd  mand molars


• The apical 5 mm of the root was reconstructed. 3D-reconstructed canals were subjected to Vertucci’s classification (fig.1)

•The presence of accessory and lateral canals, inter- canal communication and apical delta was noted (fig.2)

•Number and location of the main and accessory foramina were recorded. •The distance between the most coronal point of main, or accessory foramen and the anatomical root apex was measured in software. (Fig.3) •The dimension of the apical foramen (main or accessory) was measured using the method described by Marroquin

Most highlighted Results:

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Clinical significance:

The apical constriction would be of clinical significance, and the apical anatomy of C-shaped root canal is extremely complex