Root canal morphology of human maxillary and mandibular third molars

By Sidow S, West L, Liewehr F, Loushine R.

Date: 08/2002
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To investigate and characterize the anatomy of maxillary and mandibular 3RD  molars.

N= 150 max 3rd molars & 150 man 3rd molars (intact teeth with completely formed apices) 


•Teeth were subdivided according to the number of roots.

•Access cavities, then teeth were filled with India ink and made transparent by clearing agents.

•The internal root canal anatomy was examined under magnification using a surgical operating microscope and the number of canals was recorded for each tooth.

Most highlighted Results:

•Man and Max  3rd molars number of roots in the table

•Man 3rd molars with 2 roots and Max 3rd molars with 1 root had the most unusual  unpredictable morphology.

Clinical significance:

Knowledge about  frequencies of different morphology patterns of root canal systems of 3rd molars might help in RCT  procedures.