The impact of improved access and searching techniques on detection of the mesiolingual canal in maxillary molars

By Weller RN, Hartwell GR

Date: 09/1989
Journal: JOE


  •Purpose: Effect of improved access outline (rhomboidal) on the detection of the 4th canal in MAX molars.

•n= 1134 MAX molars. 1st=835, 2nd =299, inclusion criteria: case done within last 6 years.


•Radiographs were obtained from the clinical endodontic records.

•Scored on the basis of the number of obturated root canals.


•In maxillary first molars, four canals were found in 39%. 

•Four canals were found in maxillary second molar in (21.4%). 

•Clinical significance:

•Modifying the access cavity and thoroughly investigating groove extending from the mesiobuccal canal lead to a higher possibility of locating 4 canals .