The nature of curvature of palatal canals in maxillary molar teeth

By BONE J & Moule AJ

Date: 02/1987
Journal: JOE



To determine the degree , frequency and nature of curvature in max molar palatal canal in a BL direction.

N= 100 max 1st and 100 2nd molar

Material & Methods:

They were exposed to x-rays from mesial side and used modification Schneider technique to evaluate

 the degree of curvature (Fig2)

Most highlighted Results:

1.85% max molar had palatal canals showed curvature >10 while 52.5% between 10and 20 degrees

2.32.5% >20 and 15 % < 10 degrees with no significant difference between 1st and 2nd molar

3.Curved buccally: 85 % max 1st molar and 71% max 2nd molar with

4. statistically significant difference between 1st and 2nd max molar

5.91% of max 1st molars and 85% of max 2nd molar had commencement of curvature in coronal half of root