Single Versus Multiple Visits for Endodontic Treatment of Permanent Teeth: A Cochrane Systematic Review

By Figini L, Lodi G, Gorno F, Gagliani M.

Date: 01/2008
Journal: JOE


  • Investigate the effectiveness and frequency of short-term and long-term complications when endodontic treatment is completed in one or multiple visits.


  • N= 12 articles met inclusion criteria
  • Randomized and quasi-randomized controlled trials were identified by searching biomedical databases and handsearching relevant journals. Outcomes considered were: tooth extraction as a result of endodontic problems and radiologic failure after 1 year, postoperative discomfort, swelling, analgesic use, or sinus track.


  • No detectable difference was found in the effectiveness between single and multiple visits.
  • Patients undergoing a single visit might experience a slightly higher frequency of swelling and require more analgesic use.

Clinical Significance:

No difference between 1 or 2-visit RCT in effectiveness of healing. Single visit may result in slightly more post-op symptoms.