Comparison of post-obturation pain experience following one-visit and two-visit root canal treatment on teeth with vital pulps: a randomized controlled trial

By Wang C, Xu P, Ren L, Dong G, Ye L.

Date: 07/2011
Journal: JOE


•Purpose:  compare the incidence and the intensity of post-obturation pain following one- versus two-visit RCT on single-rooted teeth with preoperative vital pulps.

•N=  a total of 100 patients 50 patients received one-visit treatment (group 1), and 50 patients received two-visit treatment (group 2). (56 women and 44 men), aged 20–60, were recruited. pregnant, taking antibiotics or corticosteroids at the time of treatment, with immuno-compromised, complicating systemic disease or under 18 years of age were excluded. Only one tooth with a vital pulp of each patient was included,


  • modified verbal descriptor scale (VDS) to represent the intensity of pain experience; recorded post-obturation periods of 6, 24, 48 h and 1 week.
  • canals of all teeth were prepared using ProTaper in a crown-down technique and irrigated with 2.5% NaOCl. The teeth in group 1 were filled with AH Plus sealer and gutta-percha using a lateral compaction technique at the first visit, whilst those in group were medicated with a calcium hydroxide paste  and scheduled for a second visit 7 days later.

Most highlighted Results: 

1.There was no statistically significant difference in the incidence and intensity of post-obturation pain experienced by two groups.

2.The incidence and intensity of post- obturation pain in both groups were gradually reduced over the study period. Table 2

Clinical significance:   

No difference in post-obturation pain between one-visit and two-visit RCT on teeth with vital pulps.