Endodontic Treatment in Single and Multiple Visits: An Overview of Systematic Reviews

By Moreira M, Anuar A, Tedesco T, de Santos M, Morimoto S

Date: 07/2017
Journal: JOE

Purpose: To identify all SRs on single and multiple visits endodontic treatments and assess risk of bias, evaluate available evidence regarding best clinical practice in Endodontic treatment


•Electronic search in Pubmed/medline/Cochrane

•N = 8 SRs •Risk of bias assessed, type of primary studies, overall analysis

Most highlighted Results:  


•Single and multiple visits show similar healing and success rates

•AP groups showed a decreased incidence of post-operative pain in single visit

Clinical significance:

•Endodontic treatment can be performed in a single visit (saves time, restores esthetics) with no effect on the healing potential.

•The main aim is proper cleaning and shaping of the canals.