Incidence of postoperative pain after single- and multiple-visit endodontic procedures

By Roane JB, Dryden JA, Grimes EW.

Date: 06/1983
Journal: Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol


  •Purpose: Evaluate the relationship between pain experienced and the anatomic location, the pulpal vitality or the number of treatment visits.

•N=  359 patients. (250 treatments in a single and 109 in multiple visits)


  • The preparations were completed with 5.25% NaOCl while obturation with vertically condensed WGP and Kerr pulp canal sealer.
  • The decision to use single or multiple visit treatment was based solely on the time available for treatment.
  • Each patient was given a self-addressed stamped card and asked to report any pain experienced following each treatment session.

Most highlighted Results:

1.There is no significant difference in postoperative pain for teeth in different anatomic groups.

2.Teeth with vital pulps were had lowest frequency of pain (18%), while those with nonvital pulps had the highest frequency of pain (21%). This correlation was found to be statistically insignificant.

3.The frequency of pain was lower in the single-visit group (15%of treatments) and higher in the multiple-visit group (31%of treatments). This correlation was found to be significant.

4.In every anatomic category except the maxillary premolars, multiple-visit procedures were associated with postoperative pain more frequently than were single-visit procedure.

Clinical significance:   

A higher frequency of pain expected following treatment completed in multiple visits as compared to that reported for those completed in one visit.