One-appointment endodontic therapy: a nationwide survey of endodontists.

By Calhoun RL, Landers RR..

Date: 01/1982
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to report and discuss the views of endodontists across the nation regarding their opinions about one -appointment endodontic therapy , based on their responses to a questionnaire.

N= 429 endodontists


•Information was requested from a third of all endodontists within the United States listed in the American Association of Endodontists’ 1977- 1978 Revised Membership Roster.

•The questionnaire was developed with three basic questions: the success of one-appointment endodontics in specific situations; postoperative pain; and the actual treatment methods of each endodontist

•Some general information was also requested, such as age of endodontists, years in specialty practice, and the estimated number of appointments necessary to complete an average case.

Most highlighted Results: 

•The response rate was 71%.

•The majority of endodontists (81.9%) thought that one-appointment RCT in conjunction with surgery would be     successful while only 12.8% thought that necrotic teeth would be successful in one appointmanet.

•The majority of endodontists thought there would be more pain if treatment was completed in one appointment. The exception would be vital cases and teeth with sinus tract, in which they believed there would be no difference.

•90% of the endodontists indicated that they treat certain types of cases in one appointment; 67% indicated they treat vital teeth in one appointment; whereas, only 16.8% treat necrotic eases in one appointment.

Clinical significance: 

most of the endodontists were not practicing single visit RCT except in specific cases.