Postobturation pain after single- and multiple-visit endodontic therapy. A prospective Study

By Albashaireh ZS, Alnegrish AS

Date: 03/1998
Journal: Journal of Dentistvy


•Purpose:  investigate incidence and nature of postobturation pain following the use of single- and multiple-visit RCT.

•N= 300 patients, aged 15-65 years, with one tooth included. Patients were assigned consecutively to either 150 single-visit or 150 multiple- visit treatment.  


No patients were experiencing pain when first seen by the operator.

All treatment was carried out by a single operator using the step-back and lateral condensation techniques with calcium hydroxide based root canal sealer. No medicaments were placed in the canal between appointments.

The patients were asked to record any pain experience at time intervals of 1, 2, 3, 7 and 30 days after obturation.

Most highlighted Results:

  1.The incidence of pain was greatest during the first 24 h and quickly decreased thereafter. Fig1

2.Single-visit group experienced significantly less pain (27%) than the multiple-visit group (38%) during the first 24 h. Table 2

3.Vital pulp had a significant lower frequency of pain (9%) than those with nonvital pulp (41%)

4.A significant association was demonstrated between postobturation and nonvital pulp at the commencement of treatment.

5.No significant correlations were demonstrated between postobturation pain and tooth type, pre- operative pain, and sex or age of the patient.

Clinical significance:   

 Pain is significantly higher in the multiple-visit RCT and significantly associated with the treatment of the nonvital pulp.