Single versus multiple visits for endodontic treatment of permanent teeth

By Manfredi M, Figini L, Gagliani M, Lodi G

Purpose: To determine whether completion of root canal treatment in a single visit or over two or more visits, with or without medication, makes any difference in term of effectiveness or complications.


•Electronic search in multiple libraries

•N = 25 SRs (3780 patients)

•Risk of bias assessed, type of primary studies, overall analysis

Most highlighted Results:  

•No evidence of a difference between single-visit and multiple-visit treatment in terms of

•Radiological failure

•Postoperative pain

•Swelling or flareup

•Fistula or sinus tract formation

•Patients who undergo single visit RCT are:

•More likely to experience POP in the first week (low evidence)

•More likely to consume analgesics


•Single visit RCT are convenient for patients and doctors in time spent for treatment but has higher risk of late postoperative pain. No evidence suggest any other drawbacks for single visit