The clinical toxicity of endodontic medicaments

By Harrison J, Bellizzi R, Osetek E

Date: 01/1979
Journal: JOE


Analyze clinical toxicity of endodontic medicaments


N = 191 asymptomatic cases requiring NSRCT.

Groups: medication with (1) camphorated parachlorophenol, (2) formocresol, (3) sterile distilled water.

Patients were divided into one of 3 groups listed above. All canals c&s with normal saline only. All treatment in 2 visits. Intracanal medicament placed. Obturation completed within 2 weeks. Pts asked to report level of discomfort (none, slight, moderate to severe). Slight pain = no meds nor palliative tx required. Moderate to severe = meds or palliative treatment was necessary.


  • No significant relationship between incidence & degree of

       pain and type of intracanal medicament.

  • Overall: 82% no pain

14% slight pain

4% moderate to severe pain.

  • No significant relationship in interappointment pain between type of irrigant and any of the following variables: vital teeth, nonvital teeth, PARL, single rooted teeth, posterior teeth, or previously initiated pulp.

Clinical Significance:

No relationship in post op pain and type of intracanal medicament used.