The Mental Foramen: Part II. Radiographic Position in Relation to Mandibular Second Premolar

By Phillips JL, Weller RN, Kulild JC

Date: 01/1992
Journal: JOE


To determine the position and size of the mental foramen on periapical, paralleled radiographs and to examine possible factors influencing its visualization.


  • N= 75 dry, adult mandibles (age, sex, race were unknown).
  • 2 SS markers were used . One on the buccal cusps of the molar to the canine and one as a plus sign on the mental foramen.


  • The mental foramen was visualized on 75% of the horizontal radiographs.
  • Mental foramen appears smaller radiographically than it does anatomically.
  • The average distance from the radiographic apex of the second premolar to the center of the foramen was 2.18 mm mesially and 2.41 mm inferiorly.
  • The average radiographic size of the mental foramen: 2.6 x 2.3mm.

Clinical Significance:

Mental foramen location in relation to the 2nd premolar radiographic apex.