Treating the cracked tooth with a full crown

By Guthrie RC, DiFiore PM

Date: 01/1991
Journal: JADA


This study evaluate the immediate full coverage acrylic crown as the initial treatment in the management of cracked tooth syndrome.


N=28. Diagnosed with cracked tooth syndrome by patient questionnaire, palpation, percussion, vitality test ,bite test, and lateral cusp wedging. Patient had an immediate full coverage acrylic crown. After 2 weeks, if asymptomatic, a full cast crown impression was made.Recall after 1 yr.


1.25 were asymptomatic after two weeks and one year. (89%)

2.3 were symptomatic and RCT was done after 2 weeks.

Clinical Significance:

The full coverage crown acrylic crown can help determine the stable treatment for a cracked tooth.