Treatment outcome of mineral trioxide aggregate: repair of root perforations.

By Mente J, Hage N, Pfefferle T, Koch MJ, Geletneky B, Dreyhaupt J, Martin N, Staehle HJ.

Date: 01/2010
Journal: JOE


  • Evaluate the success rate of root perforation repairs using MTA.


  • N= 21 cases.
  • Retrospective evaluation of perforations repaired with MTA at the University of Heidelberg between 2000 and 2006. Teeth with pre-op, post-op, and at least 1 year recall radiograph included. 4 of the perforations were in the furcation area, 7 at crestal bone level, 5 at the midroot level and 5 in the apical third of the root


  • Healing rates = 100% furcal, 86% crestal, 80% midroot, 80% apical third
  • Healing rate for single rooted teeth – 92%
  • Healing rate for multi-rooted teeth – 75%
  • Perforation size and healing percentage:
    • >3mm – 67%
    • 1-3mm – 88%
    • <1mm – 90%

Clinical Significance:

MTA can provide a biocompatible and long-term effective seal for root perforations in all parts of the root.