Long-term Clinical Outcomes of Endodontically Treated Teeth Restored with or without Fiber Post-retained Single-unit Restorations

By Guldener KA, Lanzrein CL, Siegrist Guldener BE, Lang NP, Ramseier CA, Salvi GE

Date: 03/2017
Journal: JOE

Purpose: To evaluate both survival and failure rates of endodontically treated teeth restored with or without fiber post– retained restorations.

N= 144  teeth.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria:

•Patients without relevant medical conditions.                                        

  X    Untreated periodontal conditions.

•Acceptable periodontal status.                                                                    

X    ETT supporting removable or fixed prosthesis.

•Compliance with a suppurative periodontal therapy program.

•Single and multirooted teeth serving as abutments for either metal ceramic crown or direct composite crown.

Materials and methods:

•The endodontic and restorative procedures was done by 1 specialist in periodontology and endodontology in a private practice in Bern, Switzerland.

•Evaluation of ETT with an observation for at least 5 years. 

Biological complications were recorded as endodontic failure, recurrent caries or recurrent periodontitis.

Technical complications were recorded as loss of retention or root fracture

Abutment tooth survival was defined as teeth surviving without treatment needs and teeth surviving after treatment of biological and/or technical problems

Abutment tooth success was defined as teeth surviving without any treatment of biological and/or technical complications.

Most highlighted results:

•The overall survival rate was 89.6%

•The survival rate for teeth with a fiber post was 94.3% ( 106 teeth were resorted with a fiber post ) 

•The survival rate for teeth without a fiber post was 76.3% ( 38 teeth were restored without a post )

•The main reason of tooth loss was root fracture 9.7% 

Clinical significance :

Endodontically treated teeth restored with fiber posts yielded higher survival and success rates than teeth restored without fiber posts.