Survival Rate of Endodontically Treated  Teeth with Posts After Prosthetic Restoration

By Wegner  PK, Freitag S, Kem M

Date: 09/2006
Journal: JOE

Summary: evaluate the survival rate of endodontically & with post treated teeth after prosthetic restoration.

N= 864 teeth ) 780 nonvital and 84 vital abutment teeth .(


•Endodontic post length end 3-5 mm away from the apex.

•Post diameter chosen according to the endodontic instrumentation.

•Core : Sufficient coronal tooth structure present – composite build-up , Insufficient à cast-metal core.

•Patients recalled every 6 months.

•Survival curves were calculated related to the patient gender, prosthetic restoration (crown, FPD, RPD) abutment tooth location & post properties (length, diameter, core material, cement).

Most highlighted Results:  

Survival rates of nonvital abutments  for FPDs à 92.7% VS RPD – 51% after 60 months.

-Direct prefabricated post & core restorations survival rate in FPD, RPD respectively – 98%, 84%  VS cast post & core survival rate in FPD, RPD respectively – 90%, 43%.

-Post diameter sized ISO 90 had the highest survival rate 60%. 

-RPDs molars abutments showed no failure, which was statistically significantly different as compared to premolars.

Clinical significance: 

•Restorations in endodontically treated teeth had a higher risk for failure when used as RPD abutments than as FPD abutments.

•Direct post & core restorations had a higher survival rate than post with cast cores.